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South River Rules and Regulations
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For many of us, condominium living is a new way of life.  Each owner is entitled to complete use of his or her unit as well as the outside facilities, but such use must not conflict with the rights of other owners.

Certain standards for individual behavior are necessary to assure pleasant and harmonious community living.  Guests are welcome, provided they observe the rules and regulations.  It is the duty of owners to inform their guests and/or tenants of these rules and regulations.  Owners are responsible for the action of their guests.  Any behavior that is objectionable is not acceptable, even though not covered by a specific rule.


Section I - GENERAL PROVISIONS                                               Page
     1.  Unit Owner and Lessee Responsibility                                    4
     2.  Occupancy                                                                           4
     3.  Lawful Use-Condominium Property or Unit                               4
     4.  Access to Units                                                                    4
     5.  Absence of Owner or Lessee                                                 
     6.  Exterior Appearance                                                              5
     7.  Use of Railings                                                                      5
     8.  Sign                                                                                     5
     9.  Pets                                                                                     5
    10. South River TV Channel 63                                                     5
    11. Electrical Meter Rooms/Fire Alarms                                        6

Section II - USE OF COMMON FACILITIES                                     Page

     1.  Refuse and Recycle Bins                                                        7
     2.  Obstructions                                                                          7
     3.  Storage Areas                                                                        7
     4.  Sanitary Drains                                                                       7
     5.  Solicitations                                                                            7
     6.  Lawns and Grounds                                                                 8
     7.  Fishing and Crabbing                                                               8
     8.  Association Use of Facilities                                                    8
     9.  Cooking - Common Areas                                                        8

Section III - RESIDENT CONDUCT                                                    Page

     1.  Nuisance and Noise                                                                 9
     2.  Dress Code                                                                             9

Section IV - MOTOR VEHICLES AND PARKING                                 Page

     1.  Parking Areas                                                                           10
     2.  Prohibited Vehicles                                                                    10
     3.  Usage                                                                                       10

Section V - USE OF RECREATIONAL AREAS                                    Page

     1.  Clubhouse                                                                                  11,13
     2.  Billiard Room                                                                              13
     3.  Tennis                                                                                        13, 14
     4.  Swimming Pool                                                                           14, 15
     5.  Shuffleboard                                                                                15
     6.  Horseshoes                                                                                15, 16
     7.  Bocce Ball                                                                                   16
     8.  Storage Compound  #1                                                                 16, 17
     9.  Storage Compound  #2                                                                 17
     10. Launching Ramp                                                                          17
     11. Day Docks                                                                                   17, 18
     12. Workshop                                                                                     18
     13. Library                                                                                           18
     14. Clubhouse Storage                                                                         18
     15. Information/Computer Room                                                            19
     16. Gazebo Usage                                                                               19
     17. Grilling Areas                                                                                 19
     18. Bulletin Boards                                                                               19

Section VI - LEASES AND SALES OF UNITS                                         Page

     1.  Leases                                                                                           19     
     2.  Sales                                                                                             19


All unit owners and lessees must observe the Rules and Regulations of South River Property Owners Association, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the P.O.A.), and are responsible for adherence to the Rules and Regulations of the Village they are buying or leasing in.

Please see Village Documents.

A.  No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of the condominium property or a unit, and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction shall be observed.
B.  If any part of buildings or grounds or other real or personal property within South River is damaged or destroyed, the responsible owner and/or leesee shall be responsible for the cost of replacement or repair thereof and for the Association's attorney's fees and other costs of litigation, if required.

A.  The Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the Board), is authorized access to all units in the event of an emergency, or anticipated emergency, and it is strongly suggested that all unit owners supply the Association with unit access keys or leave a key with a neighbor.  If keys are not available, the Board has the right to authorize entry into the apartment by any means, at the unit owners' expense.

A.  When a unit will be unoccupied for any length of time, it is requested that the owner/lessee leave a contact number with the Association office in the event of an emergency.  Upon return, the Association office should be notified.  It is strongly recommended that the main water line in the be turned off during any absence.

A.  The exterior appearance of units cannot be changed, with the exception of the following:
     1.  Entrance screen doors - conform to South River bronze metal.
     2.  Inside porch hurricane shutters - white, off  white, or beige only.
     3.  Exterior hurricane shutters may be installed, provided they match the approved colors and design approved by the P.O.A.
B.  Sun control film may be applied to windows and doors upon approval of each Village Board.
C.  Unit entrance mats placed outside entrance-ways must be maintained in a safe and clean condition.
D.  Interior of porches/lanais must be maintained and kept in pristine condition.

A.  Absolutely no clothing attire, towels, rugs, etc., shall be placed anywhere outside the unit on walkway railings.  No shaking of rugs or dust mops over railings.

A.  No *FOR SALE*  or *FOR RENT* signs or other displays of advertising shall be maintained within the common areas of South River, or within a unit if visible from outside.  Building bulletin boards can only be used for South River notices.  Size of notices must be 5" x 8".

9.  PETS
A.  No pets of any kind are permitted by owners or guests.

A.  The computer is to be used only by authorized personnel.
B.  Place messages for Channel 63 in the information/comouter room, or leave at the administration office.

C.  No personal messages are poermited on the TV channel.

A.  No storage of any kind is permitted by fire code in the meter rooms.  These rooms must be kept locked.
B.  The fire alarm pull downs are not connected to the firehouse.  This alarm lets unit owners know there is a problem.  All fires should be reported to 911.


A.  All refuse must be securely tied in bags before being placed in garbage bins.
B.  The P.O.A. requests and encourages all residents to recycle.  Please empty and rinse all bottles, jars and cans.  Placing recycle items in a bag is not rerquired.  NO PLASTIC BAGS ALLOWED IN RECYCLE BINS.
C.  Boxes must be flattened before placing in recycle bin.
D.  No lighted cigarettes or flammable materials are to be placed in bins at anytime.

A.  Walkways, sidewalks, entrances, driveways and docks shall not be obstructed in any manner.  Nothing except door entrance mats may be placed on the walkways at any time.

A.  One storage room has been provided for each building.  This area is to be reasonably used by all unit owners in their respective building.

B.  Volatile liquids such as paints, lacquers and paint thinners, and no empty cartons, tires and similar combustibles or bicycles shall be kept in the storage rooms.

A.   Paper towels, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, grease or other hard to dissolve materials, shall NEVER be deposited in the toilets or sinks.

B.  Usage of outside storms/car-wash drains.
     1.  No toxic material, liquid or solid is to be placed in the outside storm/car wash drains.  This water flows directly into South River ponds.

A.  There shall be no soliciting or door-to-door canvassing by any person anywhere in South River, except for South River sponsored and P.O.A. approved projects.

A.  Chairs, lounges, blankets, beach towels and similar items must be removed after use.
B.  Outside plantings and or removals must be approved by each Village Board.
C.  Bicycles are not permitted on sidewalks, lawns or walkways of buildings.  Bicycle racks provided are to be used for bicycles.  Bicycles may not be parked in carports.  The use of skateboards, scooters, inline skates are not permitted anywhere in South River.

A.  Only residents of South River and their guests may go fishing and crabbing from our docks, walkways or grounds, and must not interfere with the right of others or passage of boats.
B.  No person shall scale or clean fish at any place on the docks or seawalls, except at fish cleaning station designated for that purpose.

A.  The use of common facilities as approved by the Association for the scheduled general use of its membership as a whole, takes precedence over the casual use by individual unit owners and lessees.

A.  Outdoor cooking shall not be permitted anywhere in South River other than areas approved by the Village Boards or the P.O.A. (See Section V - Item #17).


A.  No nuisance will be allowed anywhere upon the condominium property, the recreation areas or within which is a source of annoyance to any other resident.
B.  Children shall not play on walkways, in parking areas or on stairwells.
C.  Stereos, musical instruments, radios, TV's, etc. shall be played at a low volume, so as not to be objectionable to other residents.

A.  The minimum approved body covering to be worn in all areas outside of units with the exception of the areas within the pool enclosure is:  halter, shorts and footwear for women;  shirts, shorts and footwear for men; and similar covering for children, including footwear.  A beach robe or other covering over bathing suits must be worn to and from the pool areas, with the required footwear.  Pool shoes must be exclusively for the pool.


A.  One parking space (or carport if purchased License separately) is assigned to each unit owner.  Front of cars must be headed toward the bumper stop at all times.
B.  A second car may be parked only in  guest parking space.
C.  Non-residents MUST park their cars in  guest parking space.
D.  Parking on South River Drive or on landscaped areas is prohibited, except near the dock, horseshoe area and boccie ball court.  (Exception will be made for special events at the clubhouse or when needed for parking lot repairs, cleaning or sealing.) 
E.  The operator of any vehicle which drips oil or gasoline, or is a safety hazard, must have the situation corrected.  Inoperable vehicles or vehicles with expired plates will be removed.
F.  Parking in other than assigned space is prohibited.

A.  See P.O.A. Declaration of Covenants under Restrictions, Sections 8.2A, 8.2 B, 8.2 F.
B.  No prohibited vehicle shall be parked anywhere in the Village parking areas at anytime except such temporary parking as may be necessary for deliveries, moving, repairmen and other service oriented vehicles.
C.  Prohibited vehicles may be towed away at the owner's expense after a prior warning in writing.

A.  Washing of all motor vehicles is permitted only in the areas provided in each Village.  Check channel 63 for water restrictions.
B.  Major servicing or repair of any vehicle is not permitted within South River.

NOTE:  Children under fourteen years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult.  Unit owners will assume responsibility for their actions and be financially responsible for any injuries or damage caused by a child when in any recreational area or when using any recreational facility.

A.  The clubhouse is closed to all activities at 11:00 PM, with the exception of activities approved by the P.O.A.
B.  Doors to the clubhouse and pool are opened with a key furnished to unit owners.  Additional (or replacement of lost keys) are $5.00.  These keys must be temporarily transferred to their lessees and guests, when required.
C.  The clubhouse may be used by residents, their family and guests, and for parties and functions sponsored by the Association.  Those in charge of any activities are responsible for leaving the clubhouse in a tidy condition.
D.  The ice machine in the clubhouse is to be used for Association activities only.  Use by individuals for personal reasons is PROHIBITED.
E.  No indilviduals may borrow furniture or equipment.  Recognized clubs and Village Boards  may use furniture or equipment, providing the person responsible signs the equipment out at the office.
F.  The last person to leave the clubhouse is responsible for turning off all lights, all fans and electric range.  All doors and windows are to be locked.
G.  Persons with wet bathing suits are not permitted in any area of the clubhouse.  Shoes and proper attire are required.
H.  Activities sponsored by the South River Association have precedence over private use.  The clubhouse may be reserved for private use subject to the following conditions:
     1.  Applicants shall be a resident owner in good standing in South River and must be present during the event.  Applications are available at the Association office.
     2.  Applicant shall submit the application and have P.O.A. approval.
     3.  Clubhouse use for private parties is limited to parties given by private clubs (provided that a unit owner is a member of the private club) and owners or immediate family for a unit owner. (Example:  sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, grandparents and grandchildren.)  The clubhouse may not be used for presentations regarding commercial or non-condominium related subjects, such as investments, insurance and product promotions.
     4.  Reservations are to be made no more than 90 days and no less than 10 days prior to the event and shall be reconfirmed 30 days, if available, prior to the event.  Notice of reservation shall be posted on the clubhouse calendar in the office on the day the reservation is approved by the P.O.A.
     5.  Applicant shall be financially responsible for the action of guests and damage requiring repair or replacement.  Applications must be accompanied by a $250.00 deposit.  This $250.00 shall be returned providing the clean-up is satisfactory and nothing has been damaged.  If cleaning is not satisfactory, the standard janitorial cost shall ve deducted from this deposit.
     6.  Liquor and alcoholic beverages are prohibited at private parties at the clubhouse, due to the liability to which it exposes South River Property Owner's Association, Inc.  Exceptons may be granted to this prohibition only if the person or persons giving the party provides adequate written proof of insurance to protect, defend and indemnify South River Property Owner's Association, Inc. in case of any liability arising out of the use or the serving of alcohol.  The coverage shall be in an amount no less than one million dollars and the Board of Directors may require that the Association be listed as a named insured on the insurance.
     7.  Applicant shall accompany a designated representative of the P.O.A. in an inspection tour of the area prior to the event and after the cleanup.  Cleanup to occur no later than 10:00 AM the following morning.
     8.  Rules for the day of the event for the clubhouse meeting room.
          A.  Private parties must set up on day of event unless there is no scheduled event the night before.
          B.  Notice specifying the hours of use shall be posted by the applicant on the clubhouse entry door on the day of use.
          C.  Smoking is prohibited ANYWHERE in the clubhouse.
          D.  Only the clubhouse meeting room, kitchen and rest rooms may be used for private parties.  No food is to be served or eaten in any other area.
          E.  Children are to be supervised at all times.
          F.  The sound system shall not be used.
          G.  Guest parking is limited to designated clubhouse parking spaces.
          H.  Kitchen consumable items are not to be used.
     9.  Any group forming a private club must submit their rules to the P.O.A. for approval and this includes any existing private clubs.

     A.  Persons under fourteen years of age are allowed in the billiard room when accompanied by an adult.
     B.  Food, beverages, bathing suits and bare feet are not permitted.
     C.  Consideration should be shown for others who may be waiting to play.
     D.  Sitting on tables to make  special shot is not allowed, use bridge provided.
     E.  Cues must be returned to racks at end of play.
     F.  Tables must be brushed (towards road) at end of play.
     G.  No smoking.
     H.  Place (do not drop) billiard balls on tables.
     I.   When leaving Billiard Room, turn off lights.

A.  Courts are open from 8:00 AM to sunset.
     B.  Food, beverages or glass containers not permitted in court area, except water in unbreakable containers.
     C.  Tennis shoes or non-marking shoes only on courts.
     D.  Children 14 years of age and under will be permitted on the courts only if accompanied by an adult.  Children under 5 years of age are not allowed on court.
     E.  Proper etiquette and attire at all times.
     F.  Limit play to one hour when others are waiting.
     G.  Other than scheduled play sign up shall be no more than 24 hours in advance.
     H.  All posted rules at the courts must be observed.

     A.  The pool will be open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Swim at your own risk.  There is No life guard on duty.
     B.  No diapers allowed in pool.  Children not toilet trained will be permitted with proper leak preventing swimming pants.
     C.  Children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult guardian.
     D.  Appropriate swimwear must be worn in pool.
     E.  Persons must shower before entering the pool.  Persons who have applied suntan oil, lotion or cream, must spread protective covering or towel on chairs and lounges before sitting on them, and must shower again before entering pool.
     F.  No ball playing or dangerous activities shall be permitted on the pool deck or in the pool.
     G.  No chairs or chaise lounges may be reserved or removed from the pool deck.
     H.  No radios, CD players or other audio or video receivers of any kind may be played in the pool area unless with headphones.  CD's are allowed to be used during scheduled water - aerobic classes.
     I.  No floating objects such as rafts, tubes, surfboards, balls, etc. are permitted in the pool.  Only body attached swimming aids and exercise floats, weights and noodles are permitted.
     J.  Courteous behavior shall be maintained at all times.
     K.  Persons with infections or contagious health conditions cannot use the pool.
     L.  Pool may not be reserved for private parties.
     M.  Smoking in the pool area is not permitted.
     N.  No food in pool area except when approved by the P.O.A. for a special function.  Only unbreakable drinking containers permitted.
     O.  All County and Florida State Health rules pertaining to the use of pools must be observed at all times.
     P.  All residents must vacate the pool when it is being serviced.

     A.  At no time shall anyone walk on the playing surface of the courts.
     B.  Children fourteen years of age and under will be permitted on the courts only if accompanied by an adult.
     C.  No bare feet or wet bathing suits.  Cover-up garment is required.
     D.  Players should show consideration of others waiting to play.
     E.  At conclusion of play, all equipment must be returned to its proper place of storage.
     F.  No food or beverages allowed in court area, except water in unbreakable containers.
     G.  Regularly scheduled play will hold preference over individual play.
     H.  No smoking in shuffleboard area.

     A.  Horseshoe area is located near storage area #2 on South River Drive.
     B.  Horseshoe courts are open from 9:00 AM to sunset.
     C.  Children under 14 years of age are not permitted on the courts unless accompanied by an adult.
     D.  Shoes and proper attire must be worn.
     E.  Players should show consideration of others waiting to play.
     F.  At conclusion of play all equipment must be returned to its proper place of storage.

     A.  Courts are open from 9:00 AM to sunset.
     B.  Children under 14 years of age are not permitted on the courts unless accompanied by an adult.
     C.  Players should show consideration of others waiting to play.
     D.  At conclusion of play all equipment must be returned to its proper storage place.

     A.  Storage area #1 is located west of Village 5.
     B.  The storage area is for storing boats, trailers and recreational vehicles.
     C.  Space users are responsible for the cleanup of debris, rust and oil deposits on the concrete pavement.  Failure to do so within 30 days after notification may result in cancellation of the space reservation.  A trash receptacle is available for your use just outside the gate.
     D.  One key per reserved space is available from the Boat Committee Chairperson, at a refundable deposit of $200.00.  Money is refunded if space is no longer wanted.  If key is lost, a new one will be issued at a cost of $200.00.
     E.  South River P.O.A.  is not liable or to be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of boars or vehicles in the storage area.
     F.  Owners relinquish their use of the boat dock, launching ramp and storage area when their unit is leased.
     G.  New tenants/owners must have their names entered on the waiting list if all spaces are taken, in order to be eligible for assignment of storage space.
     H.  All spaces will be assigned by the P.O.A. with the recommendations of the South River Boating and Recreational Vehicle Committee.
     I.   Due to space restrictions, only one of the following will be allowed per unit:  Boat/trailer,  house  trailer-RV.
     J.  All stored boats, trailers and recreational vehicles must be within the lined space assigned (Front, back and sides).
     K.  Electrical power may only be used for power tools necessary to make repairs and charging of batteries.  No charger is to be connected for a period longer than 12 hours.

     A.  Storage Compound #2 is located near the river on the north side of South River Drive.
     B.  The east side of the compound is reserved for assigned boats, trailers and RV's.  The west side is for vans, trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and trailers of residents and their guests.
     C.  At no time are automobiles peremitted to be stored in this area for long periods of time without approval from the P.O.A.

     A.  Boat launching ramp is for the use of South River residents only.
     B.  The ramp gate is to be locked after each usage.
     C.  Minor maintenance/cleaning is the responsibility of all ramp users.
     D.  When your boat is in the water, vehicles and empty boat trailer may be parked on the lawn next to the roadway.  No overnight parking is allowed in this area.

11.  DAY  DOCK
     A.  Boat dockage is allowed for residents and guests. 
     B.  overnight dockage is PROHIBITED.
     C.  Docks parallel to boat ramp to be used only for launching and retrieving boats.
     D.  Children 12 years of age and under will not be permitted on the docks unless accompanied by an adult.
     E.  No swimming or water skiing is allowed from the docks.
     F.  All boats must approach and leave the dock at idle speed.

     A.  Sign release form in shop or office.
     B.  Shop must be cleaned after each use.
     C.  All tools taken from shop must be signed out and returned within 24 hours.
     D.  The shop is not to be used for projects that are to be sold on the *open market*.
     E.  The shop will be closed each night at 9:00 PM.
     F.  Last one out will turn off lights and lock all doors.
     G.  Respect and care of machinery is expected.

     A.  Library is open 7 days a week, 8:00 AM until 11:00 PM.
     B.  Residents may borrow materials and return the materials to library when done with them.
     C.  No card tables/chairs to be used in library.
     D.  Place donated books in the book return container or on the floor next to it.
     E.  Turn off light when exiting library.

     A.  Only materials for recreation use and cleaning can be stored in clubhouse.

     A.  A multi-facet area used in part by many groups under the approval of the P.O.A.

     A. The gazebo located in the pool area is for the use of all South River residents to enjoy the comfort of the shaded area.

     A.  Grills are available at  and horseshoe areas.  Groups of 6 or more must reserve time and date on sign up calendar in the Information Room.  Turn off gas and clean the grille and surroundings when done.

     A.  The clubhouse bulletin board outside in the pool area is for the use of all residents and all bulletins must be kept to a paper size 3" x 5".
     B.  Village bulletin boards are only for the use of Village Board Directors and authorized organizations of South River with a paper size 5" x 8".


     A.  Refer to each individual Village's documents.

     A. Refer to each individual Village's documents.


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