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                    south  river ambiance 
South River Ambiance?  Oh dear, Where do I begin?

I'll start at the entrance and try to work my way.

South River is within a mere 5 minutes to Publix,  Sears, Home Depot, Staples, Lowes.  They are all at the Indian Street
entrances.  A ten minute direct road to Super Wal-Mart.  Also an exciting new shopping center, Kanner Crossing, at the corner of Kanner Highway and Salerno Road three minutes away.

Extremely important is a sidewalk running the entire length of our one mile complex, from
Kanner Highway
to the South Fork of the St. Lucie River, which is ocean access.  A lot of folks under play the importance of a sidewalk.  It's not just for walking.  It's the front porch and a gathering spot for neighbors.  There are the morning walkers and the after supper walkers.  You will see neighbors gathering and chit-chatting.  This sidewalk brings the people together and helps to know each other.  Its socialization that brings satisfaction in where a person lives, and gives a feeling of importance, community, and belonging.

Our buildings look like houses and homes.  Not a motel.  In almost every single instance you will see other complexes look like long rows of apartment buildings, no style, no gardens.   The buildings are concrete construction with a tan stucco and red barrel tile roofs.  Each building has its own center courtyard, with the freedom to try your own hand at flower gardening is there if a green thumb running in your blood.  We have carports.  A lot of complexes don't have such a simple and basic requirement.

South River has extended lush green lawns, mature palms, trees, and gardens.  All are meticulously maintained.  If something looks like it is on the way out, it is not just removed, there is another tree, shrub, plant put in its place.  The green space in between the buildings is larger than the other complexes.  In other complexes, when buildings are too close together, people start getting on each other nerves.  It's just human nature, when packed in too close.  Neighbors are more outgoing because the landscaping is friendly and inviting.

South River has an ocean access dock with a FREE boat launch, and FREE day docks.  Also, FREE RV or boat storage.  Very active horseshoe, tennis, shuffle board and bowling leagues that play other associations. 

The clubhouse not only consists of the usual billiards, hall and kitchen all clubhouses have, but special card playing rooms, library, computer equipment for a very active computer club ( membership of about 40), and especially something no other complex has is an air conditioned wood working shop.  This shop has every piece of machinery and tool a person can think of, a couple rip saws, planer, router, jig saw, about twelve large pieces of equipment covered with plastic.  While if you may not be interested in wood working, it is an amenity that helps increase the value of all units.

We have our own commmunity TV channel to keep up with all the social activities and meetings. 
South River
has a very full social calendar.  Besides the luncheons, tours and trips, the ladies like the Red Hat Club.

The reserve fund is in excess of $100,000 for each village.  There are five villages, so reserves are in excess of $500,000.  Every conceivable item is covered in either the regular monthly maintenance or the reserve.  There are no surprises, no special assessments.
The monthly maintenance fee covers:  Building insurance, complete lawn and landscape maintenance and care, Comcast cable, public water and sewer, trash removal,  free RV or boat storage, maintenance of the clubhouse, pool and docks, all reserves are fully funded which covers the maintenance of the exterior of the buildings, roadway, docks, and clubhouse, management, and recreation.  The maintenance fee ranges between $210.00 to $377.00 per month.

Because of the happy state of mind we have in
South River, it is the most asthetically pleasing and enjoyable place to live.  Just turning into the complex gives a person a great feeling of pride, because of the spaciousness and non-cramped feeling.  Most complexes are tar and parking, with zero ambiance. 

As you turn into
South River first all you see a pond with a fountain, then a double road with green grass and tree lined center median gardens.  This in itself is impressive for the residents and their guests.  A person will be hard pressed to find this in any other complex.  Many have said South River has the ambiance of a Resort.                               
                                               Authored by Alice Kent


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